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✨Thank you for visiting.✨ My name is Erin Thornton a.k.a. The Clutter Cutter Coach. How may I serve you?

Welcome!  Are you ready to calm the chaos caused by clutter? Did you know clutter is linked to causing negative effects on one’s health, mental health, finances, relationships, and career!  YIKES!

Given that clutter is pretty much an American epidemic and one we can actually do something about, I wanted to be a part of the solution!

Whether you are an organizing guru, a hot mess, or somewhere in between, I believe I have something of value to offer you. The focus of all of my service opportunities is to help others enjoy the benefits of a more organized life.  Partnering with the Clutter Cutter Coach means exploring personalized solutions to clear out the clutter in order to make room for the important things in your life.  I have 20+ years of professional experience helping people find individualized, creative solutions to help them maximize their potential. Click on Services to learn more about your options.

In January of 2011, I partnered with Clever Container, a national organizing company dedicated to making professional organizing solutions available to all household across the country.  For more information about the Clutter Cutter Coach and Clever Container, click on the About tab.

Did you know you can earn while you learn more about getting organized?  Check out this short video to see if the Clever Container business opportunity might be right for you.