It’s Not Too Early to Think About Dorm Room Organization!


**THINK  VERTICAL   STORAGE – over  the door, vertical hanging in the closet, or on the wall with Command Hooks.

**Command Hooks are a college student’s best friend – many styles and weight limits are available to hang posters, decorations, clothing, etc.  This is also a great way to hang vertical storage solutions that you might otherwise hang over a door.  Door space is limited in a dorm.

**Only bring clothing to match the season – Visits home are a great time to switch out some of your wardrobe.  Most college wardrobes consist of T-shirts, jeans and  sweatshirts/hoodies.  The items can be rolled and stored nicely in one of our vertical hanging cubbies for the closet.

**Consider putting your bed up on risers.  This will give you more storage space underneath.  Our collapsible Classy Quilted  Under the Bed will allow you to safely store extra clothes, linens, shoes, etc.

**Planners, whether paper or electronic, are essential to good time management.  Be sure to designate time to study and work on projects.

**Don’t forget the surge protectors, electrical adapters, and extension cords, especially if your dorm is an older dorm with few electrical outlets.

**Roll your clothes to fit more in your drawers – it works for your suitcase, why not your drawers ?  Short on drawer space?  Try out one of our hanging organizing cubbies for the closet to maximized vertical storage!

Remember:  Our products are perfect for students AND teachers alike!It’s not too soon to be thinking of the fundraisers for those scout troops, sports and cheer teams as well as class and mission trips.  Everyone needs a little organizing in their life. Ask me how I can help you!
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