Why Join Us?

It’s a fabulous time to join the company!  We have some wonderful selling incentives for our consultants and our new catalog is just about to make its debut!

What’s Different about Clever Container?

As a Clever Container Consultant, know that you bring a lot of value to your customers:

  1. You give your customers a chance to become hostesses and earn their favorite organizing products for half off or FREE and earn free shipping and handling. Only with YOU and Clever Container will they have an opportunity to get these products for FREE!
  2. You give your customers a chance to see, touch, and feel the products.
  3. You demonstrate to your customers different ways to use the products so they’re able to make choices that will work for them!
  4. You give your customers useful information that will motivate and help them to find new solutions to what’s not working so well in their day to day routines, thus saving them time!
  5. By helping your customers discover what could be more organized in their lives, you are giving them a chance to save money because they will be better equipped to find things of importance around their houses and those items will be better taken care of instead of shoved in the back of a drawer or at the bottom of a closet.
  6. It’s a chance to get together with friends and have some fun!

Here are a few sample classes that you would be able to offer your customers!

Closet Clean-Out

The Closet Clean-Out Class is a little more entailed, but teaches a lot of great information. It can be helpful to have a collapsible garment rod for this class. Prior to the class, have your hostess bring out an armful of clothes, just as they would be in her closet. No need for her to try and straighten them, sort them, etc. (that’s your job).

You begin by teaching the 20/80 rule which says that people typically wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time. One way to thin out a bulging closet of the clothes we never wear is to begin by turning all clothes hangers backward in your closet. Each time you wear a piece of clothing and are ready to return it to the hanger, turn the hanger around. Do this every time you wear a piece of clothing for about 4 months. By the end of the season you’ll be able to see which pieces of clothing you never even touched. Your goal will be to rid yourself of 50% of untouched clothing.

The next step is to sort the clothing you have. Begin by sorting shirts by length of sleeve (straps, sleeveless, short sleeves, ¾ sleeves, long sleeves). Same thing with pants and skirt.the shorter items begin first and you’ll work toward the longer lengths. You’ll then teach guests how to sub-sort by color. The benefit of having clothing sorted this way is that the next time you go shopping you’ll be able to visualize exactly what you have in your closet. You’ll know if you have too many black shirts, etc. and can pass up buying the next black shirt.

Another simple tip that will give the instant appearance of a cleaner closet is to eliminate all mismatched hangers. Stick with one color and style of hanger and your closet will have an instant face-lift.

Clutter Cutter

The Clutter Cutter class involves guest participation. You give a few guests each a note card that states a common household problem. At your request, a guest reads off their problem and this then becomes your prompt to walk them through some of our products that would alleviate that clutter hotspot. For example: COMMON HOUSEHOLD PROBLEM #3 – Your sweaters are tumbling out of your closet; you’ve put on navy socks instead of black and your linen closet stays closed for fear that everything will fall out when you open the door!

Office Organizing

The Office Organizing class identifies the three major hotspots in offices that collect clutter: drawers, desk tops, and shelves. We recognize all the emotional strain and lost time that accompanies an unorganized office whether at in the home or elsewhere.  Next we talk about the four step process that we use to tackle office clutter: Sorting, Purging, Creating (a filing system that works for you) and Maintaining (biting off small chunks of time to keep your office in order). Tips are then shared on how people can find those small chunks of time throughout the day to help create the habit of staying organized.

Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations involve audience participation as well. If you are new and feel intimidated about jumping right into a class, you can always divide the guests into small groups and give each group a product or two. Tell each group to come up with ways to use this product in their home, office, etc. and then each group takes turns resenting their ideas to the other groups.

…plus more classes are being developed…

A variety of classes means more repeat bookings for you!