Confession Time! I haven’t really looked at it from your point of view recently!

I confess! I have been a bit wrapped up in my own stuff lately, busy with kids, hubby, job, aging parents, etc., same as everyone else. While caught up in all of that, I have been plugging along, promoting the many wonderful (yes, I’m biased!) opportunities of Clever Container! One of my personal favorites… the home party! GASP! Did I really put that in writing? Will I really hit save? This is the old me, of about 5 years ago, asking this! Here’s another confession….I didn’t even really like “home parties,” or so I had myself convinced. I didn’t really go to too many, and when I did, I could sometimes be found chatting in the kitchen during the presentation! So for those of you who feel that way, I GET IT!! I didn’t host parties, I rarely went to these types of parties, and I sure as heck was the last person you were EVER going to find DOING one of these parties!
Afterall, I have a Master’s Degree (woopty-doo, I know lol), and I’ve been doing the job I’ve wanted to do since I was in the 7th grade for the past 20 years now! But when that industry changed, God showed me a new perspective on the party plan industry. I am glad I got over myself and the fact that this DID NOT fit my neat little plan that I had all laid out for myself, because it has aloud me to surpass my previous income in 4 years! This has been a HUGE blessing for our family!

But what does this have to do with YOU? Well, quite simply, I have no business without you! Not just from the sales perspective, because I wouldn’t have paid attention to just any company, because I didn’t come with any sales experience or desire to be in sales! I’m a mental health therapist. I am passionate about helping others find solutions to the chaos in their lives. Clutter causes chaos! If you agree with that and would like some help calming the chaos caused by clutter, then that would be a reason you might want to come to a party! I love that! I still get to help empower people by helping them find solutions! Is this your perspective? Is so, great!

I can imagine it’s not everyone’s perspective. Sometimes just the thought of thinking about the clutter feels SO stressful! That might make you feel like you don’t want to come. Avoidance is a big factor in the Stress-clutter accumulation cycle! With any cycle, you need to find an off ramp, even if it’s temporary, like a rest area! To explain what I mean I will share another confession, I LOVE doing parties! Not only do I get help people discover solutions to calm the chaos, but I get to partake in a ritual of instant stress relief!! Some of you might be thinking shopping!! WOO-HOO!! Yes we do that too, and yes…it’s fun, but I mean laughing with the ladies!! We have SO MUCH FUN!!

I can’t believe I get paid for something that has therapeutic benefits for me! We spend so much time connecting digitally in our daily lives, that I can’t tell you how good this feels to reconnect in person! I can leave for a party feeling run down and exhausted, and feel full of energy and alive 20 minutes into it, with women I’ve never met. This coming from a person who has always been fairly quiet and who has stuck to a close knit group of friends.

I know some of you enjoy the benefits of retail therapy! For others, there may be a hesitation to attend because you may think (as I often did when invited to parties in the past), what if I go and I don’t really see anything I feel is worth spending money on? Will I just end up spending money on something I don’t even want or need? I know this has happened to me on more than one occassion and it’s usually not cheap!

My goal at all of my organizing parties is that you will always find it worth your TIME to come! I want you to leave with solutions! Some will involve our products (that is my solution to paying bills, lol!) and some will be things you can go home and do without products! I think you will find that our prices are good and our quality is great! For this reason, most guests find something that they are very happy with and that will add value to the function of their space. As a nice BONUS, many men are MUCH MORE supportive of these purchases! SAY WHAT??!! Have you ever had a man in your household say “What do we need that for?” Basically, why did you spend money on that? I often have women who come to my parties with lists from their husbands, or even come with their husbands! In many cases, I am told that the husband is more organized than the wife. Organizing products are not limited by age or gender. WARNING! STEREOTYPE AHEAD! In my experience, it seems most men don’t like our shopping/spending because often times what we like to buy doesn’t make sense to them. Not that everything some of them like to buy makes sense to us, but I think for the most part, more women tend to understand getting some excitement from shopping more so then most men. That generalization being made, my experience from the feedback I have received is that most men can appreciate a purchase that can deliver this type of result. They don’t even have to be organized to appreciate that this makes sense!

Boxed Up Set of 10

Let me know what you think! Have you been a Clever Customer from a home party? Did you find that it was nice to have a planned girls night? Did you learn some solutions for calming the chaos caused by clutter? Was it time well spent? If you made a purchase, did you feel it was money well spent? How about family members if applicable? Would you like any information on how you could be making an average of $100-$125 for doing what I did at parties just like the one you attended?

If you were a Clever Hostess, did you enjoy making this experience available for your friends? How would you describe your experience? Are there ways I could have made it easier for you as a hostess? Are you enjoying your FREE and half off products? If you earned a hostess bundle for 70% off, which one did you choose?

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