No Child Should Feel Like Trash!

You can help a child to have a little more dignity during such a difficult time.  Sponsor a bag for as little as $17!  As a company, we will cover the shipping and tax, as well as donate 1 bag for every 4 that are sponsored.  You can pay online at  Checks can be mailed to Cleverly Organized, LLC 6816 Hidden Ridge Dr. West Chester, OH. 45069.  Thank You!

No Child Should Feel Like Trash! no-child-2

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Learn to Earn with Clever Container!

Are you interested in learning more about our Clever Opportunity? Join us for this special call and get all your questions answered.

Join us for this special call and get all your questions answered.

Click on the “Discussion” tab above to see additional posts.

Monday, October 17th @ 8:30 pm eastern
Dial 712-432-0900
Access #631837

Also, be on the Facebook event page during the call!

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Aislinn’s Wish; A National MPS Society Fundraiser

Join us to bring awareness to MPS and to raise money for the National MPS Society.  This is a horrible disease, causing a progressive decline in cognitive and physical abilities. Children with MPS III, such as my cousin’s daughter (pictured below), have a life expectancy of 15-20 yrs.

Click HERE for more information on this fundraiser!

Aislinn's Wish

Aislinn’s Wish

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It’s Not Too Early to Think About Dorm Room Organization!


**THINK  VERTICAL   STORAGE – over  the door, vertical hanging in the closet, or on the wall with Command Hooks.

**Command Hooks are a college student’s best friend – many styles and weight limits are available to hang posters, decorations, clothing, etc.  This is also a great way to hang vertical storage solutions that you might otherwise hang over a door.  Door space is limited in a dorm.

**Only bring clothing to match the season – Visits home are a great time to switch out some of your wardrobe.  Most college wardrobes consist of T-shirts, jeans and  sweatshirts/hoodies.  The items can be rolled and stored nicely in one of our vertical hanging cubbies for the closet.

**Consider putting your bed up on risers.  This will give you more storage space underneath.  Our collapsible Classy Quilted  Under the Bed will allow you to safely store extra clothes, linens, shoes, etc.

**Planners, whether paper or electronic, are essential to good time management.  Be sure to designate time to study and work on projects.

**Don’t forget the surge protectors, electrical adapters, and extension cords, especially if your dorm is an older dorm with few electrical outlets.

**Roll your clothes to fit more in your drawers – it works for your suitcase, why not your drawers ?  Short on drawer space?  Try out one of our hanging organizing cubbies for the closet to maximized vertical storage!

Remember:  Our products are perfect for students AND teachers alike!It’s not too soon to be thinking of the fundraisers for those scout troops, sports and cheer teams as well as class and mission trips.  Everyone needs a little organizing in their life. Ask me how I can help you!
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Gekeler Family Fundraiser

Dealing with the tragic loss of their son, Zack!

Please consider helping this family as they deal with the tragic loss of their 20 yr. old son Zack!!

We are raising money to help offset the expense of Zack’s funeral. Both parents are self-employed and get no paid time-off to deal with their tragedy. Andrea is a director with Clever Container, she needs to have a minimum of $700 in personal sales each month to receive her director pay. In order for her to continue to get paid as a director, her team is rallying to do their part and I am running this event through her site with a goal of reaching at least $700 in sales!
Please share this event with others who may want to help. I will post product pictures and suggestions as well as specials.
To shop, go to Choose The Gekeler Family Fundraiser at checkout (down by the payment).
For every $50 in products purchased, you will receive 1 entry to win the Hostess Rewards from this event. If we reach our goal, there will be $125 in free products and 3 half-priced items to be given away!

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Confession Time! I haven’t really looked at it from your point of view recently!

I confess! I have been a bit wrapped up in my own stuff lately, busy with kids, hubby, job, aging parents, etc., same as everyone else. While caught up in all of that, I have been plugging along, promoting the many wonderful (yes, I’m biased!) opportunities of Clever Container! One of my personal favorites… the home party! GASP! Did I really put that in writing? Will I really hit save? This is the old me, of about 5 years ago, asking this! Here’s another confession….I didn’t even really like “home parties,” or so I had myself convinced. I didn’t really go to too many, and when I did, I could sometimes be found chatting in the kitchen during the presentation! So for those of you who feel that way, I GET IT!! I didn’t host parties, I rarely went to these types of parties, and I sure as heck was the last person you were EVER going to find DOING one of these parties!
Afterall, I have a Master’s Degree (woopty-doo, I know lol), and I’ve been doing the job I’ve wanted to do since I was in the 7th grade for the past 20 years now! But when that industry changed, God showed me a new perspective on the party plan industry. I am glad I got over myself and the fact that this DID NOT fit my neat little plan that I had all laid out for myself, because it has aloud me to surpass my previous income in 4 years! This has been a HUGE blessing for our family!

But what does this have to do with YOU? Well, quite simply, I have no business without you! Not just from the sales perspective, because I wouldn’t have paid attention to just any company, because I didn’t come with any sales experience or desire to be in sales! I’m a mental health therapist. I am passionate about helping others find solutions to the chaos in their lives. Clutter causes chaos! If you agree with that and would like some help calming the chaos caused by clutter, then that would be a reason you might want to come to a party! I love that! I still get to help empower people by helping them find solutions! Is this your perspective? Is so, great!

I can imagine it’s not everyone’s perspective. Sometimes just the thought of thinking about the clutter feels SO stressful! That might make you feel like you don’t want to come. Avoidance is a big factor in the Stress-clutter accumulation cycle! With any cycle, you need to find an off ramp, even if it’s temporary, like a rest area! To explain what I mean I will share another confession, I LOVE doing parties! Not only do I get help people discover solutions to calm the chaos, but I get to partake in a ritual of instant stress relief!! Some of you might be thinking shopping!! WOO-HOO!! Yes we do that too, and yes…it’s fun, but I mean laughing with the ladies!! We have SO MUCH FUN!!

I can’t believe I get paid for something that has therapeutic benefits for me! We spend so much time connecting digitally in our daily lives, that I can’t tell you how good this feels to reconnect in person! I can leave for a party feeling run down and exhausted, and feel full of energy and alive 20 minutes into it, with women I’ve never met. This coming from a person who has always been fairly quiet and who has stuck to a close knit group of friends.

I know some of you enjoy the benefits of retail therapy! For others, there may be a hesitation to attend because you may think (as I often did when invited to parties in the past), what if I go and I don’t really see anything I feel is worth spending money on? Will I just end up spending money on something I don’t even want or need? I know this has happened to me on more than one occassion and it’s usually not cheap!

My goal at all of my organizing parties is that you will always find it worth your TIME to come! I want you to leave with solutions! Some will involve our products (that is my solution to paying bills, lol!) and some will be things you can go home and do without products! I think you will find that our prices are good and our quality is great! For this reason, most guests find something that they are very happy with and that will add value to the function of their space. As a nice BONUS, many men are MUCH MORE supportive of these purchases! SAY WHAT??!! Have you ever had a man in your household say “What do we need that for?” Basically, why did you spend money on that? I often have women who come to my parties with lists from their husbands, or even come with their husbands! In many cases, I am told that the husband is more organized than the wife. Organizing products are not limited by age or gender. WARNING! STEREOTYPE AHEAD! In my experience, it seems most men don’t like our shopping/spending because often times what we like to buy doesn’t make sense to them. Not that everything some of them like to buy makes sense to us, but I think for the most part, more women tend to understand getting some excitement from shopping more so then most men. That generalization being made, my experience from the feedback I have received is that most men can appreciate a purchase that can deliver this type of result. They don’t even have to be organized to appreciate that this makes sense!

Boxed Up Set of 10

Let me know what you think! Have you been a Clever Customer from a home party? Did you find that it was nice to have a planned girls night? Did you learn some solutions for calming the chaos caused by clutter? Was it time well spent? If you made a purchase, did you feel it was money well spent? How about family members if applicable? Would you like any information on how you could be making an average of $100-$125 for doing what I did at parties just like the one you attended?

If you were a Clever Hostess, did you enjoy making this experience available for your friends? How would you describe your experience? Are there ways I could have made it easier for you as a hostess? Are you enjoying your FREE and half off products? If you earned a hostess bundle for 70% off, which one did you choose?

For organizing tips and tricks, customer specials and give-aways, join my Clever Container “In The Know” Facebook group by clicking HERE!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Being a Clever Consultant

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a Clever Container Consultant. This email has some basic information and covers many of the frequently asked questions.

1. There are lots of direct sales companies out there, so what makes Clever Container such a great opportunity?

Clever Container truly is a ground floor opportunity– we recently just passed the mark of 2,000 consultants. In the direct sales world, that is an incredibly small number (for comparison — Scentsy has over 200,000 consultants and Thirty-One has 170,000!) So what that means for you is the field is WIDE open nearly everywhere. There are thousands upon thousands of towns and communities who have never heard of Clever Container yet. You have a golden opportunity to be the first person to introduce your friends, family and community to Clever Container.

Another thing that makes this an especially great opportunity is that we are the ONLY direct sales/party plan company that focuses exclusively on organizing products. This is great news because organizing products are HOT sellers. Every women’s magazine at the checkout stand has a featured article on organizing. Why? Because organizing is a need that is common to almost everyone. And most of today’s women are not looking for an elaborate organizational system. They want solutions that are quick, easy and affordable. That is exactly what Clever Container delivers!

2. What kind of training is provided?

New consultant training covers business basics such as getting started, Bookings, Host Coaching, how to do a demonstration, Team Building, and Customer Care. These topics are all covered in the new consultant manual you will have instant access to on our consultant extranet system immediately after you sign up as a consultant. These topics are also covered via telephone conference calls and video tutorials and lots of helpful tips and resources on our team Facebook page which you will also have immediate access to when you sign up. 🙂

3. What’s the commission?

Commission is 20% for your first 1,000 in sales, then it permanently goes to 25%. In addition, during your first three months, you get a 5% bonus any month that you have over $1000 in sales!! There are additional bonuses for power seller levels. You can earn up to 38% during your first 3 months!

4. How much money can I realistically make?

Average party sales are $400 so most consultants will average an income of $100/party. So, one party a week will yield about $400/month income and 2 parties/week would give you about $800-$1200/month income. Plus you may qualify for power seller bonuses which would increase your earnings. Many consultants on our team are earning $500-600 a month doing 4-6 shows a month and are working this around a full-time job.

Those earnings can easily be doubled if you decide to build and lead a team. When you tell others about this awesome company and they sign up with you, then you can earn money for that too! Starting at 3% and up… AND you are eligible for a Mentor Bonus for those consultants. The mentor bonus is an additional 10% bonus on their sales during their first three months. IF you choose, you can continue to build a team and move up in leadership and as you do, you will earn additional layers of earnings on your team. We have a generous compensation plan. You can earn a little cushion for your budget or you can build a business capable of replacing a full-time income. As an independent consultant, the choice is yours when and if to move up in the company, how much you want to work, and how much you earn. The choices are limitless and so is the income potential.

5. How will I be paid?

You submit customer orders at full retail price and for all parties that you close each week by Sunday night, you will receive a direct deposit paycheck on Tuesday each week! In addition to your weekly commissions, bonuses are paid monthly.

6. What can I earn free as a new consultant?

RSO stands for Ready Set Organize! This is a great program Clever Container offers for new consultants. You can earn over $450 in additional FREE PRODUCTS during your first three months. They are pictured below! (RSO products can be changed at any time at the company’s discretion but these are the current products.) Wouldn’t you love to get all this free just for doing 3 parties per month during your first three months??!!

RSO Program Rewards for New Consultants!

7. Is there a minimum monthly order I must make? Are there “quotas”?

There is no minimum monthly sales requirement. Your agreement is good for one year. After that, as long as you sell at least $1,000 in a 12 month period, your agreement continues indefinitely. ($1,000 per year would be about 2 parties per year.) Also…There is also no minimum order amount. You (or your customer) can place an order of any size at any time. Clever Container is all about choices! You work as little or as much as you choose, based on your personal goals.

8. Will I have to order or stock inventory?

NO. You do not have to carry any inventory. Orders are taken at parties and shipped when ordered. When you purchase your starter kit, you have everything you need to start your business as a Clever Container consultant.

9. What comes in the kit and how much does it cost?                                              

It is more affordable than ever to get started as a Clever Container consultant! 

You can now purchase a starter kit for only $99*!!                                                   (*plus $25 shipping and state/local sales tax if applicable.)


Check out this AWESOME new starter kit!!

OR, you might want to choose THIS fantastic deal if you are really serious about getting your business off to a great start and want the best demonstration kit to get started. The cost for the deluxe kit is $149 plus tax & shipping. It has a value of over $350 in products and business supplies.

                            Full size Deluxe Kit

10. Why is this month such a great time to sign up? 

This is the time of year when everyone is in the perfect frame of mind to start organizing!  By joining now, you will be set up perfectly for the new consultant incentive period when you can earn nearly $500 in free products!! Since you get paid weekly, as soon as you start doing parties, you will have extra money for whatever your financial goals are! 
11. What if I try it and decide I don’t like it?

If you sign up, do some parties, and don’t like it– you can quit. No penalty! You will have earned a little money, free products, and half price products and grown a little as a person! What have you got to lose by giving it a try? This could make a significant difference in your personal and financial goals and you will never know if you don’t give it a try! 🙂

12. What if I’m ready to sign up now?

Go to the website of the consultant who sent this link to you and click “Join Now”. It takes about 15 minutes to sign up and your kit will be on its way to you! You will receive it in about a week but you can start your training right away so you’re ready to go when it arrives on your doorstep! 🙂  Soon after I receive the notification that you have signed up, you will get a welcome email from the director with information that explains your first steps. I also add you to the team pages on Facebook where you get great support from your fellow consultants. If we are not already Facebook friends, you will have to send me a friend request on Facebook in order for me to add you to the team pages.

Stay in touch!
Thank you for considering the Clever Container opportunity. If you need further questions answered or points clarified in order to make a decision, please message me. You have my word, I will not pressure you. I believe that only YOU can decide if this is right for you but I am happy to help you get the information you need to make that decision.If you have decided you do not want to become a consultant, but love the products, you need to join my customer VIP list!  You will get all the latest updates on products, specials, and an organizing tip or two each month! If you might want to become a consultant in the future, but this isn’t a good time right now, the email list is a great way to ensure you don’t lose touch with what is going on with the company.

Whatever you decide, please let me know right away. As a professional, I believe it is my responsibility to follow up with people who have inquired about being a consultant until they let me know their decision, so I will be checking in periodically until you let me know otherwise.

Stay Organized! 🙂

Erin Thornton,

Your Clever Container Consultant
Organizing Just Got Fun!
Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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Check Out These Ideas for Your June Home Check-List!

Click HERE for some great ideas for keeping your home on track this summer, inside and out!

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Wine About Back to School Clutter!

Back 2 School CLUTTER!  It's something to wine about, unless you get CLEVERLY ORGANIZED!

Back 2 School CLUTTER! It’s something to wine about, unless you get CLEVERLY ORGANIZED!

Join me Thursday, 8/15 at The Wine Guy  ~ Bridgewater Falls, for a Parent’s Planning Party!   We will meet from 7-8:30 p.m., for some wine tasting and hors d’oeuvre sampling, while making a plan to manage the impending school papers, projects and schedules that will be upon us all very soon!

Space is limited, so please RSVP by 8/13 at                   Cost is $5 when you prepay with your reservation by 8/13, or $10 at the door, and is nonrefundable.                                       Paypal is accepted by using my email address.  If you would like to pay by check or card, you may call me at 513-373-1869 or email me for more information.

So, what can I offer to make this worth your time and money, that is besides great wine and food?  I bring a unique combination of professional experience, not only as an Organizing Consultant with Clever Container, but I am a licensed mental health therapist, with more than a decade of experience helping families deal with school related stress.  I also have a certification in Time-Management.

I understand how physical and mental clutter can rob us of our energy and focus. I can offer tips and solutions for parents & students of all grade levels.  Does your son or daughter have ADHD or anxiety?  These conditions can create additional challenges during the school year.  I can help!

I look forward to seeing you on the 15th!

~Erin Thornton, LISW-S

Erin Thornton, Director

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Closet Cleanout Tips

The following process makes cleaning out your closet a snap!

When you’ve completed The Closet Clean-Out Process, you’ll easily be able to locate every piece of clothing you own. The end result is that you’ll be saving yourself:

  • Time, when getting dressed and out the door
  • Money when shopping, because you’ll be able to visualize the pieces of clothing you already own.

Ready? Let’s begin!

1. The first tip on how to make your closet look more organized is to keep all your clothes hangers the same color. We find that white works the best because it’s such a neutral color.

2. Now, let’s properly sort your closets by style of clothing. Start by sorting the shirts by arm length (straps, short-sleeves. longsleeves, jackets). The bottoms will be sorted into skirts and pants, taking into consideration the length of the pieces as well (short skirts moving longer in length and capris moving into the longer lengths).

3. Now, we can now sub-sort the categories by keeping like colors together (reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, violets, whites, browns, blacks) consistently through each category.

4. Finally, did you know that generally speaking, Americans tend to wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time? Here’s a simple trick that you can do two times a year to help keep your closet overflow to a minimum! You’ll start this two times a year: once in the fall for fall and winter clothing, and once in the spring for spring and summer clothing.

To figure out what you really use and what you need to lose, turn all your hangers backward in your closest. After you have worn a piece of clothing and are returning it to the closet, turn the hanger around before putting the piece back. Do this for 6 months.

At the end of 6 months, you’ll see what was left untouched. Strive to empty out half of the unused clothing.

I hope this help you to conquer the chaos in your closet!

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