Frequently Asked Questions about Being a Clever Consultant

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a Clever Container Consultant. This email has some basic information and covers many of the frequently asked questions.

1. There are lots of direct sales companies out there, so what makes Clever Container such a great opportunity?

Clever Container truly is a ground floor opportunity– we recently just passed the mark of 2,000 consultants. In the direct sales world, that is an incredibly small number (for comparison — Scentsy has over 200,000 consultants and Thirty-One has 170,000!) So what that means for you is the field is WIDE open nearly everywhere. There are thousands upon thousands of towns and communities who have never heard of Clever Container yet. You have a golden opportunity to be the first person to introduce your friends, family and community to Clever Container.

Another thing that makes this an especially great opportunity is that we are the ONLY direct sales/party plan company that focuses exclusively on organizing products. This is great news because organizing products are HOT sellers. Every women’s magazine at the checkout stand has a featured article on organizing. Why? Because organizing is a need that is common to almost everyone. And most of today’s women are not looking for an elaborate organizational system. They want solutions that are quick, easy and affordable. That is exactly what Clever Container delivers!

2. What kind of training is provided?

New consultant training covers business basics such as getting started, Bookings, Host Coaching, how to do a demonstration, Team Building, and Customer Care. These topics are all covered in the new consultant manual you will have instant access to on our consultant extranet system immediately after you sign up as a consultant. These topics are also covered via telephone conference calls and video tutorials and lots of helpful tips and resources on our team Facebook page which you will also have immediate access to when you sign up. 🙂

3. What’s the commission?

Commission is 20% for your first 1,000 in sales, then it permanently goes to 25%. In addition, during your first three months, you get a 5% bonus any month that you have over $1000 in sales!! There are additional bonuses for power seller levels. You can earn up to 38% during your first 3 months!

4. How much money can I realistically make?

Average party sales are $400 so most consultants will average an income of $100/party. So, one party a week will yield about $400/month income and 2 parties/week would give you about $800-$1200/month income. Plus you may qualify for power seller bonuses which would increase your earnings. Many consultants on our team are earning $500-600 a month doing 4-6 shows a month and are working this around a full-time job.

Those earnings can easily be doubled if you decide to build and lead a team. When you tell others about this awesome company and they sign up with you, then you can earn money for that too! Starting at 3% and up… AND you are eligible for a Mentor Bonus for those consultants. The mentor bonus is an additional 10% bonus on their sales during their first three months. IF you choose, you can continue to build a team and move up in leadership and as you do, you will earn additional layers of earnings on your team. We have a generous compensation plan. You can earn a little cushion for your budget or you can build a business capable of replacing a full-time income. As an independent consultant, the choice is yours when and if to move up in the company, how much you want to work, and how much you earn. The choices are limitless and so is the income potential.

5. How will I be paid?

You submit customer orders at full retail price and for all parties that you close each week by Sunday night, you will receive a direct deposit paycheck on Tuesday each week! In addition to your weekly commissions, bonuses are paid monthly.

6. What can I earn free as a new consultant?

RSO stands for Ready Set Organize! This is a great program Clever Container offers for new consultants. You can earn over $450 in additional FREE PRODUCTS during your first three months. They are pictured below! (RSO products can be changed at any time at the company’s discretion but these are the current products.) Wouldn’t you love to get all this free just for doing 3 parties per month during your first three months??!!

RSO Program Rewards for New Consultants!

7. Is there a minimum monthly order I must make? Are there “quotas”?

There is no minimum monthly sales requirement. Your agreement is good for one year. After that, as long as you sell at least $1,000 in a 12 month period, your agreement continues indefinitely. ($1,000 per year would be about 2 parties per year.) Also…There is also no minimum order amount. You (or your customer) can place an order of any size at any time. Clever Container is all about choices! You work as little or as much as you choose, based on your personal goals.

8. Will I have to order or stock inventory?

NO. You do not have to carry any inventory. Orders are taken at parties and shipped when ordered. When you purchase your starter kit, you have everything you need to start your business as a Clever Container consultant.

9. What comes in the kit and how much does it cost?                                              

It is more affordable than ever to get started as a Clever Container consultant! 

You can now purchase a starter kit for only $99*!!                                                   (*plus $25 shipping and state/local sales tax if applicable.)


Check out this AWESOME new starter kit!!

OR, you might want to choose THIS fantastic deal if you are really serious about getting your business off to a great start and want the best demonstration kit to get started. The cost for the deluxe kit is $149 plus tax & shipping. It has a value of over $350 in products and business supplies.

                            Full size Deluxe Kit

10. Why is this month such a great time to sign up? 

This is the time of year when everyone is in the perfect frame of mind to start organizing!  By joining now, you will be set up perfectly for the new consultant incentive period when you can earn nearly $500 in free products!! Since you get paid weekly, as soon as you start doing parties, you will have extra money for whatever your financial goals are! 
11. What if I try it and decide I don’t like it?

If you sign up, do some parties, and don’t like it– you can quit. No penalty! You will have earned a little money, free products, and half price products and grown a little as a person! What have you got to lose by giving it a try? This could make a significant difference in your personal and financial goals and you will never know if you don’t give it a try! 🙂

12. What if I’m ready to sign up now?

Go to the website of the consultant who sent this link to you and click “Join Now”. It takes about 15 minutes to sign up and your kit will be on its way to you! You will receive it in about a week but you can start your training right away so you’re ready to go when it arrives on your doorstep! 🙂  Soon after I receive the notification that you have signed up, you will get a welcome email from the director with information that explains your first steps. I also add you to the team pages on Facebook where you get great support from your fellow consultants. If we are not already Facebook friends, you will have to send me a friend request on Facebook in order for me to add you to the team pages.

Stay in touch!
Thank you for considering the Clever Container opportunity. If you need further questions answered or points clarified in order to make a decision, please message me. You have my word, I will not pressure you. I believe that only YOU can decide if this is right for you but I am happy to help you get the information you need to make that decision.If you have decided you do not want to become a consultant, but love the products, you need to join my customer VIP list!  You will get all the latest updates on products, specials, and an organizing tip or two each month! If you might want to become a consultant in the future, but this isn’t a good time right now, the email list is a great way to ensure you don’t lose touch with what is going on with the company.

Whatever you decide, please let me know right away. As a professional, I believe it is my responsibility to follow up with people who have inquired about being a consultant until they let me know their decision, so I will be checking in periodically until you let me know otherwise.

Stay Organized! 🙂

Erin Thornton,

Your Clever Container Consultant
Organizing Just Got Fun!
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6 Responses to Frequently Asked Questions about Being a Clever Consultant

  1. Jessica Algier says:

    I’m very interested in signing up.. however my question is what %is shipping and handling? And is taxes for my state or yours?

    • erin says:

      Hi Jessica,
      I am so sorry that I didn’t see your question before now. I didn’t receive an email to let me know I had a comment. I am very sorry! I don’t know if you are still interested in signing up with Clever Container, or maybe you already have, but I wanted to let you know that we are having an opportunity event on Monday evening, 10/17. This will be held online.

      To answer your questions, tax is based on the state where the purchase is being made. Product shipping depends on if it is shipped with a party or directly to the customer. If you would like more information, please let me know. This link will give you information about how to join the brief opportunity event on Monday.

      Thank you,
      Erin Thornton

  2. Claire says:

    Hi! I’m not a party person but hang out online in my social media (IG, FB, website) most of the time and have no problems with it. Can I skip the party option and do everything online instead? Is that possible?

    • erin says:

      Hi Claire, I apologize for the VERY long delay in responding. I had some site issues that my previous site manager did not make me aware of. I am just now seeing your message. Yes, you would be able to run your business online within the US.

  3. tiana says:

    How do I sign upp? I have tried everything and I would love to sale these products. But I have yet found a place where I can sign up.

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