Have a Party

Your friends will thank you when you invite them to a Clever Container Party! Whether you choose to learn about cleaning out closets, perking up the pantry, or organizing the office, you and your guests will leave the party with fun, practical tips that you can use right away. Plus, you will have earned FREE and half-priced products too! With $500 in party sales, you can choose a hostess bundle for 70% off! We offer Facebook and catalog parties too!

Clever Hostess Rewards

As a Clever Hostess with a qualifying show of $150, you start earning FREE products instantly!

Total Guest Sales
(excludes tax & s/h)
Total Earned
Hostess Dollars
Half-Priced Items
for Hostess
Free Shipping
for Hostess
$1000 and up $200 4 Y
$900 $175 3 Y
$800 $150 3 Y
$700 $125 3 Y
$600 $100 2 Y
$500 $80 2 Y
$400 $60 2 N
$300 $40 1 N
$200 $20 1 N
$150 $10 1 N

So, let’s say that the total guest sales at your party is $530… You earn $80 in Hostess Rewards to spend—in any way you choose—on your favorite Clever Container merchandise! Plus, you are eligible to purchase 2 items at half price AND you get free shipping on your order!

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

  • Select a date with your consultant today!
  • Make a guest list of 30 to 40 friends, family, neighbors, etc.
  • Partner with your consultant who will give you tips and materials for how you can make the most of our Hostess Rewards Program.
  • Sit back and relax the night of the party!