Clever Classes

Along with great organizing products, I will share loads of useful information with you and your guests that will help you find new solutions to what’s not working so well in your day-to-day routines, thus saving you time, energy, and money! Here’s a little more information about the classes that are available.

Organizing with Kids

In the Organizing with Kids class, you’ll learn about the ages and stages of organizing, how to get both your kids and their stuff in order, and when to let go of the reins.

Clutter Cutter

In the Clutter Cutter class, you’ll learn some practical ideas on how to use our products to solve some of the most common household organizational problems and alleviate your clutter hotspots. For example: COMMON HOUSEHOLD PROBLEM #3 – Your sweaters are tumbling out of your closet; you’ve put on navy socks instead of black and your linen closet stays closed for fear that everything will fall out when you open the door!

Closet Clean-Out

In the Closet Clean-Out class, you’ll learn the 20/80 rule, the backward/matching hanger tricks, and the size/style/shade sorting strategy. By the end of this class, you’ll know exactly how to turn your closet into a start-the-day-off-on-the-right-foot kind of space!

Kitchen Clean-Up

In the Kitchen Clean-Up class, you’ll learn how to get the heart of your home back on track. With tips and product ideas to tame the chaos on the counter, in the drawer, in the pantry, under the sink, and on the wall, you’ll soon rediscover the “Joy of Cooking” (both literally and figuratively)!

Office Organizing

In the Office Organizing class, you’ll learn what three major hotspots are prone to collecting clutter and how to tackle office clutter using the four step process: Sort, Purge, Create, and Maintain. You’ll also learn how to find small chunks of time throughout the day to help create the habit of staying organized.

Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations give you and your guests an opportunity to actively participate and share your genius! After dividing into small groups, you and your guests will brainstorm ideas on how to use one or or two of our products at home or in the office. Then, after corralling all the guests again, a spokesperson from each group will present their compiled list of brilliance!

…plus more classes are being developed…